Rathskeller Advisory Board (RAB)

The Rathskeller Advisory Board (RAB) is made up of 10-15 students representing undergraduate, graduate and law students and is responsible for all of the programming that happens at the Rat. RAB hires all of the DJ’s and books all of the weekly bands that play at the Rat. In addition, RAB plans and organizes any parties, tailgates or special events that are held at the Rathskeller.

In addition, if a student organization wishes to use the Rat for their event, they can make the reservation through RAB. Finally, it is the Rathskeller Advisory Board that plans and implements the biggest week of the year at the Rat, Birthday Week.

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Chair: Felix Fernandez (fxf183@miami.edu)

Advisor: Michael Baumhardt (m.baumhardt@miami.edu)